PSA: Remote Working Scam

With the increase of work-from-home and remote jobs over the last couple of years, an old scam has taken on a new form.

The attacker will post on a job board to advertise a remote working position. A victim will apply and go through a convincing interview process before eventually getting the job.

Awesome, they landed a new job!

And the company will even provide all required furniture and office equipment!

But then the attacker sends the victim a check which they’re told to cash, and they’re asked to immediately buy furniture from the attacker’s preferred supplier.

Turns out the cheque is fake and “preferred office supply company” is actually the attacker. 😡

I heard about this scam from Wordfence, so please check out their post for full details on the scam and how to avoid it.

Scams often prey on vulnerable people, and this one is no exception. One comment on the linked article sums it up pretty well:

“This scam truly seeks out the vulnerable unemployed who might have a sense of urgency and desperation that causes them to overlook signs of potential fraud.”

Dean S.

Please spread the word to those you know are job hunting!

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