PSA: Remote Working Scam

With the increase of work-from-home and remote jobs over the last couple of years, an old scam has taken on a new form. The attacker will post on a job board to advertise a remote working position. A victim will apply and go through a convincing interview process before eventually getting the job. Awesome, they […]
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How to backup individual subsites using Snapshot and Google Drive

I did this on v3. Snapshot v4 is out but doesn’t have subsite backups yet. To add Drive as a backup destination I had to create an API. It was more than just the instructions that were in Snapshot. The tricky part was creating the Consent Page with the right settings. I only needed the […]
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You don’t always have to Network Activate a plugin

We all have our slow moments, don’t we? The nuances of plugin activation on WP multisite wasn’t immediately obvious to me and so it took a bit for me to figure out. In my defense, it’s not labelled clearly. But regardless, I hope that admitting this in public can save somebody else time. “You don’t […]

WP Increases Minimum Acceptable PHP Version

About a week ago WordPress bumped the minimum acceptable PHP version to 7.2, with the recommended being 7.3. You may have seen a notice about this in your WP dashboard, and you can’t dismiss it! (How rude, lol) Here’s how to get rid of it. If you want to upgrade your PHP yourself, you should […]